Vice Chancellor’s Circular to Students

As the academic year, 2020/2021 semester ends, we recognize the achievements of our students and staff over the past year. This year has been different from the previous ones in so many ways. Yet here we are — ending a successful semester, We congratulate you on a job well done, as you start preparing for the new academic year, 2021/2022.

This optimism is not to suggest that we are done with the pandemic. But certainly, after more than a year of having to pivot in the face of COVID-19, this moment of the completion of the academic year is worth our gratitude to everyone associated with our University for helping to make it happen. To reach this point has taken a focused and determined effort by all of you. Other factors remaining constant, I would like to inform you that the new Semester will officially commence online on 6th September 2021. We shall communicate other relevant information to you through your official University email. Please, check your mailbox regularly.

End of Semester 1 2021/2022 Examinations and Special Exams

End of Semester exams will officially take place in December 2021. This examination session will cater for all groups, including the graduating class that may require special exams. Students in the special exams’ category will be expected to fill in the Special Examination Request Form (Found online on the University’s website) and attach all the necessary documents accordingly. Students with special examinations should immediately apply for them, at least a month before the due date for sitting of the said special examinations.

Serious key reminders for students to take note of:

  1. Dead Semester/Dead Year after COVID 19: According to the University policy regarding this issue, any student who may wish to miss a year or a Semester should apply for a dead year/ Semester within two weeks at the beginning of the Semester/Academic year.
  2. Academic Progression/Self Promotion; please note that academic progression is not automatic to all students. If a student does not sit for the end of Semester examinations, then he/she is not eligible to proceed to the next Semester.
  3. Research Viva Voce for Graduate Students: The School of Graduate Studies and Research has drawn up plans to hold the research viva voce for graduate finalists. Please confirm with the Graduate School Administrative Assistant, Sr. Celestine, to ensure that you don’t miss out on this requirement.
  4. Internships/Practicum and School Practice: All finalists who missed their internship due to COVID-19 in June- July 2021 and have not yet undertaken this requirement should make sure that they use the period between August and December 2021 to fulfill this requirement, supervised by a relevant member of the academic staff. I believe you already got your internship letters, and all you need to do is to return the acceptance letters to your faculty administrators. In addition, you should follow up with your faculty administrators so that you meet this obligation before graduation. Students in this category should make it a point that they pay the required fees accordingly. School practice shall take place ONLY when schools re-open.
  5. Payment of Fees and Tuition: Allow me to use this opportunity to thank all those parents/guardians and sponsors (external/self) who have managed to pay their students’ fees in time, more so at the beginning of the Semester. I call upon you to continue with this practice and encourage the rest to make it a point to pay these dues in time to avoid disrupting students as they concentrate on their studies.

Notes on Fees Payment:

  1. All students are expected to pay the entire amount due on the opening day. For any payments in installments, there must be at least a 50% down payment on the starting day and the remaining 50% to be paid before the commencement of the end of Semester exams. Accordingly, one should make sure that before the beginning of examination time, she/he has paid all the monies due to zero balance; short of this, examinations will not be given. All the old balances will have to be cleared first before the student can register for the current Semester.
  2. Please note that the special examinations are done at a fee of UGX 100,000 per paper as per the University’s policy. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic that affected many students, the University has waived this fee for the just concluded Semester two 2020/2021 examinations only; the fee shall apply for subsequent examinations. Students who pursue this must have applied for it and should have met all the examination requirements before the end of the Semester, i.e., registered the units online during the Semester, met the over 75% lecture attendance, done course works, and, where applicable completed paying all the tuition fee balances.

     Summary of the key dates

Opening of Semester, One30th August 2021
Lectures Begin6th September 2021
End of Semester Exam6th – 18th December 2021
Closing of Semester One19th December 2021

As you take a much-deserved break from these unforgettable times, please reflect on the great work you have achieved over the year and use the lessons learned to help prepare for the next online Semester. Take care of yourselves, your families, and friends over the short holiday, and please stay safe.


Sincere regards,

Professor John Ssebuwufu