Lugemwa Emmanuel

Coordinator University Alumni
0701-450-680/ lugemmjust@gmail.com  or elugemwa@unik.ac.ug

Cordial greetings to you all university alumni, allow me on this occasion to reawaken enthusiasm towards the love of your university as it was when you came the first day…! The truth that cannot be avoided is; you made great contribution to the university as it did to you. This however, was only the beginning there is still a lot of unfinished business for the two of you. The University of Kisubi (UniK) is in the process of attaining a charter. As you were needed then, so are you still now, make every kind of contribution especially through writing and keeping in touch now and again updating on the achievements made. This will make UniK proud of you as you render service.

Permit me also to bring to your attention the presence of an association of the Alumni: “University of Kisubi Alumni Association” (UniKAA).    This brings together all of you past students with a purpose of keeping a bond as being the product of UniK.  Remember this too, as a benefit to belong to the association; may be for you or someone else a window of opportunity into the broader world.  

I invite you all to provide a brief profile of yourself to me for possible appearance in the Unik website page.  Use:  …lugemmjust@gmail.com… it will be a welcome idea to attach one good photograph at your routine activity or workplace.

Finally, I am concerned like all other people around that you have not been at your best especially during the Covid-19 experience; it was new to all of us and so challenging. The best I see out of all this is: You must all take courage pick up your pieces and try again..! It will never be wise to refuse to get up from where you fall; for fear that you might fall again..!

Ssenkayi Simon                        President

Kibrige Rolline Naluzzi            Treasurer

Musisi Henry                             Secretary

Wanjala Daniel                          Mobilizer (Postgraduate)

Kafuuma Joseph                      Mobilizer(undergraduate)

  1. Visit the coordinator`s office  room 5 science block
  2. University of Kisubi Reception offices
  3. University of Kisubi communications office ground floor science block   
  4. You may always visit this page for more updates
  1. To build a national and international alumni network
  2. To promote the name and the value of University of Kisubi
  3. To promote the ideas of good citizenship by participating fully in the political and economic aspects of the country
  4. To establish an efficient Alumni Governance
  5. To establish coordination offices of the alumni within the country and the rest of the world so as to reach out to the members.
  6. To develop academic and social traditions unique to University of Kisubi
  7. To establish collaborative links with other Alumni Bodies and organizations in Uganda and the rest of the world with similar interests
  8. To promote ways and means and of raising funds
  9.  To participate in any worthwhile national and international development activities
  10. To take full interest in the affairs of University of Kisubi and where appropriate, to advise the University authorities on any matter of mutual concern to the University and the Association
  11. To do all things necessary to promote the spiritual, intellectual, physical, racial, tribal and personal bias or any other attribute of discrimination
  • The UniKAA has so far held one very successful activity which involved soliciting funds from members and making a donation over 100boxes of drinking water branded “Donated by the University of Kisubi Alumni Association” used at the graduation ceremony of October, 2019.
  • One UniKAA executive meeting was held at the university to work on the constitution of the association as can be seen in the pictures taken on the occasion below: