As you read this, UniK welcomes you to the Faculty of Health Sciences (FoHS) where we provide excellent collaborative research, teaching and community outreach services in Biomedical sciences and health related matters. Consultancy services are also available.This is the home of Bachelor of Biomedical Laboratory Technology (BBLT), Bachelor of Science in Public Health Sciences (BSPH), Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT), and with future prospects in Clinical Medicine and Community Health, nursing skills and pharmaceutics among others. The major departments in FoHS include Microbiology, Anatomy, Physiology, Molecular biology, Biochemistry and clinical chemistry, Pharmacology, Parasitology and entomology, Immunology, Histopathology, and Global health.

FoHS Mission:

“To bridge teaching with research and community outreach for improved livelihoods”


Biomedical Sciences provide professional services in diagnostics, drug discovery, vaccine development and production, food science and nutrition, molecular biology/biotechnology, pharmaceutics, toxicology, environmental degradation, etc. Uganda and other sub –Saharan African counties have several areas where very little/no research has been done owing to the lack of or presence of few well trained individuals in the field of Biomedical Laboratory Science and Technology. This programme thus contributes to filling the scarcity of human resource required in the promotion of scientific research.

Entry requirements for BBLT: Two principal passes in chemistry and biology; or a diploma in relevant field


This diploma provides the student with theory and clinical laboratory attachments. The program is based on the competencies set forth by Allied Health Professions Council (Republic of Uganda) in order to fulfill the certification requirements of a medical laboratory technologist. It includes components on safety, confidentiality, bioethics, quality assurance, clinical mathematics, bio instrumentation management and entrepreneurial skills, and critical thinking.

Entry requirements for DMLT: One principal pass in biology with a subsidiary pass in another; or a certificate in a relevant field


The faculty trains Public Health Professionals who work in collaboration with laboratories to determine what causes certain diseases and to develop vaccines to protect the world from communicable and non-communicable diseases.  These play vital roles in educating the population on proper feeding habits, proper toxic waste management and how to avoid safety hazards in the environment, and to administer the public health sector. This is based on statistical data analysis to understand how diseases can be prevented, spread and there management. Our graduates are excellent while working with firefighters, police, hospitals, and emergency specialists among others, to develop plans and strategies to prevent and mitigate manmade and natural disasters. Also, they are very good in developing and implementing policies that affect how we access health care services.

Entry requirements for BSPHS: Two principal passes in biology and either chemistry, food science and nutrition, mathematics, geography, or agriculture; or a diploma in relevant field

Generally, UniK through the Faculty of Health Sciences (FoHS) has committed its resources to train graduates with brilliance and practical skills to deal with the several health related challenges of Africa in a global society. The faculty is endowed with modern equipment for teaching and research purposes, we are also proud of our partners in development. We congratulate the continuing students for having made it to this University. We keep for our beloved prospective students and research collaborators.

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