1. Bachelor of Science with Education (Full-time 3yrs and Holiday 2yrs)
  2. Bachelor of Inclusive Education for Diverse Learners (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs

  3. Bachelor of Arts with Education (Full-time 3yrs and In-service 2yrs)
  4. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Full-time) 3yrs
  5. Bachelor of science in computer science (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  6. Bachelor of Business Administration and Management (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  7. Bachelor of Business Studies with Education (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  8. Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  9. Bachelor of Community Development and Public Administration (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  10. Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  11. Bachelor of Science in Family and Child Counseling Psychology (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  12. Bachelor of Bio- medical Laboratory Technology (Full-time)
  13. Bachelor of Arts in Economics (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  14. Bachelor of Economics and Statistics (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  15. Bachelor of Arts in Human and Religious Studies (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  16. Bachelor of Art, Fashion and Design (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  17. Bachelor of Public Relations and Mass Communication (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  18. Bachelor of Agribusiness Management (Full-time and Weekend)
  19. Bachelor of Education (Primary) (Full-time)
  20. Bachelor of child Development and Protection (Weekend) 3yrs
  21. Bachelor of International Relations and Migration Studies (Fulltime & Weekend) 3yrs
  22. Bachelor of Political Science and Public Administration (Fulltime & Weekend) 3yrs
  23. Bachelor of Art in Music (3years)
  24. Bachelor of industrial Art and Design (3 Years)


  1. Diploma in Information Technology (Full-time) 2yrs
  2. Diploma of Science in Counseling Psychology (Full-time and Weekend) 2yrs
  3. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (Full-time) 3yrs
  4. Diploma in Business Management (Full-time and Weekend) 2yrs
  5. Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration (Full-time and Weekend) 2yrs
  6. Diploma of Science in Counseling (Full-time and Weekend) 2yrs
  7. Diploma in Primary Education (Full-time)
  8. Diploma in Catechesis and Evangelization (Full-time and Weekend) 2yrs


  1. Higher Education Certificate(Huminites ) 1yr