The University of Kisubi is inviting applications for the new Diploma program in catechesis and Evengelization.

Programme Rationale

The Catechetical Practices And New Evangelization In The 21st Century, Uganda And Other African Countries Is Faced With Issues Of Low Reception Among Irrespective Of The Increasing Gap Between The Rich And The Poor. These Possess Big Challenges In The Way Of Life Whereby The Preferential Option For The Poor Without Marginalizing Anyone For The Kingdom Of God.

The Quality Of Christians Living In Uganda, Other African Countries And Other Less Developed Countries Are Faced With Spiritual, Social And Economicchallenges. These Problems Are Fueled By The Increasing Trends Of The Baptized And Catechized Population Growth Rate Which Has Created An Increasing Demands On The Available Spiritual Resources Beyond The Government’s And Church’s Capacity To Provide Adequately. In Bid To Address Their Spiritual Dryness, Several Christians End Up Into Practices That Contracts The Values Of Spiritual Lifestyles.

Therefore, This Programme Will Train Mid-Level Pastoral Agents (Such As Catechists, Lay People, Religious And Priests) Who Will Be Able To Bridge The Gap Between The Laity (At Individual, Family, Community Level) And The Religious As Well As The Clergy Through Catechetical Evangelization Ministry.

This Programme Will Contribute To The Transformation Of Local Church At The Grass Root Ranging From The Individual Christians, Families, Small Christian Communities, At Parish Level, Diocese, And National Level. The Participants Will Be Provided With Spiritual Animation Skills, Homiletic Approaches In Catechesis And Evangelization.


Awarding Institution

University Kisubi (Unik)

Controlling Institution


Final Award

Diploma In Catechesis And Evangelization (Dice)

Study Time

Open To Weekend, Full Time, Holiday And Evening

Mode Of Delivery

Lectures, Tutorials, Case Studies, Group Discussions And Demonstrations.

Length Of The Programme

2 Years

Pattern Of Attendance

Seventeen Week Semester System.


Reports, Tests, Placement, Course Work, Shadowing, Projects, Case Studies And Final Examinations

Recruitment Time

Twice A Year(January And August)



Eligibility For Admission

To Be Eligible For The Programme, A Person Must Possess At Least One Of The Following Qualifications:

  1. A Good Post O Level Certificate Or Its Equivalent From A Recognized Institution Learning In Any Academic Profession;
  2. At Least One (1) A’ Level Principal Pass And Two Subsidiaries Obtained At One Sitting, And Not Less Than Five (5) O’ Level Passes Obtained At One Sitting.
  3. Uganda Certificate Of Education (Uce) With At Least 3 Credits And 2 Passes; And

Or Its Equivalent.

  1. One Should Have Level Of Competency In Both Spoken And Written English
  2. Candidates From Different Academic Backgrounds And Professions Are Accepted For Admission