Dr. Ssemaluulu Paul Mukasa

Dr. Ssemaluulu Paul Mukasa

Dr. Paul is the head of department of ICT at UniK.

He is a scholar of information systems with several decades’ professional and technical experience.  His doctoral dissertation identified issues that, if addressed, can help improve the design and operational success of IS projects in developing countries.

Dr Paul’s engineering and IT career spans more than 35 years and work on projects including installation of microwave systems for Entebbe airport in Kampala, setting up LANs and installing intelligent terminals (and later PCs) at the airport for several international airlines, setting up the first fiber optic network for greater Kampala with an international team of engineers from Fujitsu (Japan); planning the first Entebbe-Kampala fiber-optic network; installation, testing and commissioning of the new NEAX digital switch; added hardware and networking capacity to enhance computer teaching at Makerere University Business School; and implemented the Makerere Campus Wide Area Networking Project connecting Makerere University to Kabanyolo University, Makerere University Business School, and Mulago Hospital Pathology Department.

Most recently he has been working as the technical support member for the TSEED SIDA Project at Makerere University. At the same time he have been supervising one student on a PhD in the area of Spatial Modeling for Nodding Syndrome in Northern Uganda.

Email: pssemaluulu(at)unik(dot)ac(dot)ug
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The assessment and effective development and deployment of information systems in developing countries.

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Training for Sustainable Spatially Enabled e-Services Delivery in Uganda (TSSEED) Project- Makerere University with SIDA Support.

In this period the project sought to carry out spatial predictive modeling for prevalence of infectious diseases in Uganda; Epidemiology intervention without location – a blind guess; A public participatory GIS for planning e- services for solid waste management; Spatial-temporal modeling of nodding syndrome; and Automated Diagnosis and spatial temporal Modeling of Mobile Microscopic Diseases. In the same period, the project also aimed to set up laboratory to support research and training in the area of e-services.


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1978-1981                   Technical Trainee, Analog Systems, Uganda Posts & Telecommunications Corporation (UPTC)

1981-1983                   Technical Officer, Telecommunication Systems, UPTC

1983-1987                   Senior Technical Officer, UPTC

1987-1992                   Assistant Engineer and Maintenance Officer-In-Charge, UPTC

1992-1993                   Sectional Engineer for nationwide maintenance and trainer of pupil engineers, UPTC

1993-2001                   Division Engineer/Area Manager, DTO/Entebbe, UPTC

2001-2004                   Assistant Network Administrator, Small Business Center, and Makerere University Business


2004-2006                   Part-time lecturer, Kyambogo University, Kampala, Uganda
2004-2012                   Research Coordinator/Assistant Lecturer, Department of Information Technology, School of Computing and Informatics Technology, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

2013-   2018                Lecturer, Department of Information Technology, School of Computing and

                                                Informatics Technology, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

2018-todate Senior Lecturer and Associate Dean Faculty of Science, Uganda Martyrs University



1979                            Letter of Appreciation from the Chief, Customer Services, UPTC

1997-1999                   Class chairman for 6 semesters, B.B.A. Class of 1999, Makerere University

1998                            Certificate of Appreciation from the White House Communications Agency (USA) for provision

of telecom service during the visit of US President to Uganda

2003-2004                   Class President, Master of Science in Computer Science, 2003-2004, Makerere University