Bro. Edward Muteesasira, FIC
Dean of Students 

Mutesasira Edward is a member of the Brothers of Christian Instruction, born on 18th December 1973; a d is a counselor by profession.

Edward possesses a Master of Science in Clinical and Psychological Counseling (MCPC), a Bachelor of Counseling Psychology and a Diploma in Counseling Psychology, all from the University of Kisubi. Edward also acquired a Certificate in Trauma and grief counseling.

From January 2012 to December 2014, Edward was a postulate Director at Mt. St. Teresa Postulate-FIC.. In 2015, Edward was appointed a Director General of Mt. St. Tereza Community-FIC. In 2016, Edward went to France for spiritual renewal and upon his return; he was appointed a school counselor at St. Mary’s College, Kisubi. Edward moved his spiritual career, from a postulate in 1998, to scholastic ate in 2002.

Currently, Edward is the Dean of Students at the University of Kisubi.