End of Semester II 2022-2023

As we enter the final days of this semester, we celebrate our successes and experiences that have deepened our knowledge of the world, expanded our horizons, and allowed us to make connections with others who have challenged our assumptions and often provided support as we wrestle with deep
questions. As part of an intellectual community with a long-standing commitment to social transformation, we have considered how what we learn in classrooms, and laboratories around our campus can change the world.

All students are scheduled to end this semester exams on May 8, 2023. I am therefore releasing the following information:

1. As members of the UniK family and therefore ambassadors of this University, you are requested
to participate in marketing the Institution for the August 2023 intake that is on-going.
2. Students will be expected to clear from the hostels on May 9, 2023.
3. Students are advised to confirm the fees for next semester from the Finance Department.
4. Students should clear all outstanding fees arrears on or before the opening date of the next semester.
5. Next semester will be starting on August 7, 2023 for the new students. The full time resident
continuing students will report on August 13.
6. Lectures begin Monday August 14, 2023 for full time students and Friday August 18, 2023 or the weekend students.
7. Payment of at least 50% of the tuition fees must be made at the start of the semester.
8. Resident students are expected to pay full accommodation fees on the opening day.
9. All students must register their semester courses by the end of the second week of the new semester. Thereafter all who would not have registered will pay a surcharge of UGX 50,000 as late registration fee.

I wish you a successful conclusion of the semester and an enjoyable, restful break. For those who are completing your time at UniK this semester, I hope you will stay engaged and in touch as you move on to new opportunities.

For those who will be returning to campus in August, I look forward to continuing to consider with you the most important issues of our day, including how to better realize our commitment to respond to national and global needs and to expand that commitment to other institutions through our

Dr. Pius Ochwo
Academic Registra