Community Outreach is the University of Kisubi policy 2018 that puts communities at the centre of all its innovations. The policy define Community Engagement as means of all negotiated, active and dynamic partnerships between the university and the community it serves, which are practiced through varied initiatives focused on the interlace of research, teaching and learning aimed at addressing the social, cultural and economic development objectives of the society.

Students’ outreach is rooted to the core values of Social Work practice of dignity and worth of the person. These activities are portraying in the image of the profession in helping others by maintaining cultural competence and cultural humility in practice. These activities are meant to improve and foster community relationship and productivity.

It is the obligation of every person to support each other. Jesus taught His disciples in Matthew 5: 7 that “Happy are those who are merciful to others; God will be merciful to them!”

The cornerstone of the social work profession is to help people to help themselves. Students are undertaking various initiatives to promote social change through various community engagement programmes to solve social problems; and find out alternative long term solutions to the needy people within our community by understanding their cultural differences.