The Center of Excellence in Research, Information Management and Programming (CERIMP) was established to provide functional, innovative applied research, information management and Programming for improving performance of the Association of Religious in Uganda (ARU). It supports the mission and apostolates of ARU member Religious Institutes, activities of the Catholic Church, and the people of Uganda as a whole. The Center focuses on improving and sustaining people’s quality of life, equitability, and it offers holistic development that benefit the people of Uganda and the entire ecosystem.

CERIMP builds on the longstanding experiences of the Catholic Church in Uganda and Religious Institutes in the field of service delivery, which include but not limited to formation, education, health, spiritual/retreat, social/pastoral work and development projects, and scaling them over beyond the Catholic Church facilities to enrich Uganda government policy plans (e.g., NDP-Phase three) and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

General Objectives:

  1. To identify and document practices of consecrated persons in the 21st century Uganda
  2. To share lessons learnt to enable religious respond effectively to the challenges and opportunities in the 21st century.

Interested researchers are hereby invited to submit abstracts and take advantage of the opportunity to contribute toward achieving CERIMP’s research objectives. Accepted abstracts will be published on CERIMP Website. The authors will be selected for writing proposals and to carry out sponsored research in the relevant field. Successful research findings will be disseminated and also published in internationally recognized journals or as book chapters.