UniK 6th Graduation Ceremony 2022

Warm greetings and best wishes from the University of Kisubi. Congratulations upon completing
your academic journey. Be informed that University of Kisubi graduation will be held on
Saturday April 9, 2022. Please take not of the following:

  1. Graduation Clearance
    Clearance for graduation for students who applied for graduation will be done from
    February 22, 2022 up to March 17, 2022. After this date, the name(s) of those who will
    not have fully cleared shall be removed from the Graduation List. Only students who will
    have fulfilled all their financial obligations and cleared with all the relevant offices of the
    University shall be considered for graduation.
    Below is the graduation fee:

Level Graduation Fees
Masters 400,000/=
Bachelors 300,000/=
Diploma 280,000/=
Certificate 200,000/=

2. Graduation Gowns
We encourage you to have this great souvenir of you academic journey at UniK.
Remember to add the cost of the gown to the fees indicated under number one
above. The cost per gown is as shown here below:

Level Gown fee
Masters 100,000/=
Bachelors 100,000/=
Diploma 70,000/=
Certificate 50,000/=

Congratulations graduating class of 2022!

Register for Graduation here

Download the detailed Letter here

Bro Pius Ochwo, PhD.
Academic Registrar