At the Fifth graduation ceremony of University of Kisubi (UniK), it was not only about your usual lengthy speeches that sometimes get guests dozing off. Theirs was full of life, enthralled by music and dance. On top of their prestigious gowns, the 200 graduands put on their dancing shoes and made themselves ready for a fun-filled afternoon.

The University choir, at 11:00am, kicked off the party with ear-massaging melodies, setting the mood right for what turned out to be more than just a graduation function. These were followed by a dance group that entertained guests with some amazing but hard moves to try.

On top of the choir was a well curated band, prepared out of the students themselves. The band was on standby to give musical interludes of cover songs as requested by the graduands, and whenever their favorite was played, it was party time in the tent.

The highlight of the band’s performance was a solo performance by the Violinist who caught the attention of many. A student at the same university and the reigning Miss UniK, she played songs like Kyarenga, Photograph, and a few original compositions, with her violin, something that won her standing ovation from the guests and graduands.

By the time the Chancellor, Bro. Peter Kazekulya, started conferring Degrees to the graduands, celebrations had already kicked off. More enchanting about the conferment was the style in which those whose names were read showed excitement. With the collaboration of the DeeJay, each group of conferred graduates danced to a particular song, and at some point, each of them was waiting for their names to be read so that they could get groovy about it.

At the closure of the ceremony, all guests and fresh graduates were treated to a luncheon prepared by the university. The lived on for the bigger part of the afternoon.

Speaking to the graduands, the acting President of the Alumni Association of UniK, Simon Ssenkaayi, not only congratulated them upon their achieved milestones, but also reminded them of how privileged they were to be part of UniK.

“We believe that you have effectively and efficiently utilized all opportunities within your midst from the day you stepped foot here to the very moment you are graduating,” Ssenkaayi said

He also cautioned graduands to be mindful that, education is not the transcript or a certificate that they receive on graduation day, but rather it is what remains in their heads after forgetting all that was taught during the course.

The Vice Chancellor of UniK, Prof John Ssebuwufu, also added his voice in congratulating the 200 graduands, especially having come out of a pandemic that ravaged the education sector. In an interview with Ssebuwufu prior to the graduation, he intimated that the pandemic severely affected the university, affecting the earlier arrangements of the university’s 5th graduation.

“However, I would like to laud the students for being corporative in combating the pandemic so that we manage to hold this year’s graduation ceremony,” he said

He added that under normal circumstances, the graduation should have been held in October 2020 with the usual fan fare and paraphernalia; including the presence of parents and friends. However, to be able to observe the Standard Operating Procedures against Covid-19, only the 200 graduands and a few guests could attend the ceremony.

Prof Ssebuwufu also pointed out the blow that was the untimely death of Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga. A few weeks towards the graduation day, Archbishop Lwanga had been confirmed as the Chief guest at the ceremony. Ssebuwufu added that; “We were blown away by the death of the Archbishop, and this greatly disorganized quite a lot of arrangements,”

Prof Ssebuwufu urged graduands to put innovativeness and professionalism at the forefront if they are to make it in the world of work and cut-throat competition. The Chairperson University Council, who also doubled as the Guest of Honor, Dr. Charlotte Mafumbo Karungi, lauded the resilience expressed by graduands, hence producing excellence on the graduation day.

Upon her speech, the long-awaited part of the day was set in, and that was the conferment of the various graduands into graduates.

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