All resident students, University of Kisubi-DOS

To:      All resident students

From: The Dean of Students

RE:   Cooking devices

You are all aware that finalist students are reporting for face to face instructional classes on 15th October 2020. Previously many of you have been cooking from the hostels using various devices. This time around, Management has outlawed the carrying of cooking devices to the University hostels.

For purposes of clarity, cooking devices shall include gas cylinders, hot plates, cookers, coils, or charcoal stove. You are however allowed to carry a flat iron, an electric kettle, or a percolator.

Anyone who fails to heed to this policy is advised to come prepared to forfeit his accommodation in the University hostel. In order to avoid inconveniences, you are warned to carry only the acceptable gadgets.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Br. Mutesasira Edward